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Please donate to Perfecting Gifts Inc.

PGI has blessed many children by training and developing them to use their unique gifts to make a difference in the world. We need support to keep operating!

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Our Children Need Your Support!

Nearly 6 years ago, Sharonda K. Mitchell had a vision: To provide a forum where students from the Memphis area can express their artistic talents in a supportive, excellence-driven environment. Today, that idea has blossomed into Perfecting Gifts Inc, a performing arts nonprofit that gives talented youth a safe space for creativity.

Perfecting Gifts train and encourage our students to use their gifts to promote change and positivity! We instill in them that true power comes when they commit to developing their talents.

Whether it is producing a music video or creating a top-quality performance, students at Perfecting Gifts are leaving their artistic mark in Memphis.

However, we cannot do what we do without the generous support of donors. It doesnt matter if it's wardrobe, music collaborators, or production design, it takes an army to create quality performance opportunities for students.

Will you please help support Perfecting Gifts and our students?